Is it Monday already?

I’ve gotten into this blog swing of only two posts a week, but after finals this week be prepared  for a lot more blog and a lot more FUN! Ha!

I am currently doing a lot of this:

Drinking tea like it’s going out of style. Sore throat, congestion…no thanks! Maybe a result of too much talking…? Me, a talker…nahh!

Or maybe because I’ve been a busy bee. Yeah, we’ll go with that one. This bid’ness has resulted in a complete upheaval of my schedule and my body has obviously responded, “No me gusta!” I did my long run last week on Thursday…12 miles. I am declaring that the day that I hopped the crazy train because I typically don’t like running more than 7 miles on any given week day. Long runs are for weekends in my book. It was tough mentally and physically but I was glad I got it done.

Why would I subject myself to such torture? Because I ran with the cows on Saturday and knew there was NO WAY I would want to run 12 miles after a 5k. Seriously, people. This race was a momentous occasion because it was my friend Jennifer’s first 5k!!! See photo recap of our Saturday morning:

“Uhh…how do you get up and run every Saturday?!”

“I get up early enough that I’m still half asleep while running!”

“Here…let’s make em think we ran the whole thing!!”

“Look at us! We can take pictures of ourselves while we run!”

“Where are the cows??”

“That doesn’t count, it’s not real!”

“Ok we need another running pic to convince them we ran the WHOLE time!!”

“Yay we’re almost to the finish line! Why are there horses but not cows on the course??”

“”More cowbell!!!! This is better than a medal!!”


Let’s just say we had some fun during this race. I was impressed with how well put on it was for a smaller race, the spread of food was HUGE, lots of chocolate milk, great race t-shirts, and cowbells. Love! Now I just need to con Jen into running another race with me…

Yesterday my little brother turned 11! He joined our family five years ago and let me just say our lives would be totally different without him. In a bad way. I also love the simplicity that comes with a boys’ birthday; pizza, cake and Legos. Done, done and done! It was so awesome getting to see him so pumped while reading cards and opening his plethora of Legos, it’s the simple things, right?!

He’s also special to me because he’s my only other blonde counterpart in the family. I look more like him than I do most of the rest of my family…yep, we’re soul sibs!

He. was. STOKED. It was adorable, seriously.

Check out this picture that my little sister FREE-HANDEDLY sketched and painted for my brother, is she amazing or what?!?! She is so talented! Tristan was in shock…”You mean…she actually likes me??” Ha! Nothing like that sibling love.

And he wanted his birthday cake from Costco. Which means I didn’t have to make it. That qualifies as some little brother points in my book!

Now I am off to do important things. Like study and coach. Hoping that I’ll have an epiphany while running tomorrow so I can have something to blog about. If not, I will see you when I emerge from finals at the end of the week!


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