what I was doing while not blogging all week

Contrary to what you may think, I have not abandoned my blog. Posting was scarce this week because I was having fun. See: riding on motorcycles


The weather has also been wonderful lately, so a good amount of my time has been spent outside. And getting written citations for one of our dogs getting out of the back fence. Let’s just say she has been a perfect angel since I rescued her from the doggy police. We will see how long this lasts.

With warmer weather also comes thunderstorms, which are my favorite thing ever. Check out these monstrous clouds:

Chancy and I had our sister date on Friday, and we were both feeling kinda ‘eh’ ya know? I had to talk her out of froyo for dinner and introduced her to Whole Foods instead. She got pizza. Again.

New goal: go somewhere that pizza is NOT an option. I was in a ‘I want to try a little of everything’ mood and so I did…

This was two meals worth of food. Note: the WF hot/cold food bar IS my guilty pleasure. I also tried one of these bad boys:

Uh, so good.

Then it was time for a driving lesson. Not as good as the Zevia. Let’s just say I was shouting ‘Land! Land!!!!!!!’ as soon as we parked. You know, like Vin Diesel in The Pacifier style. Just like that.

Saturday morning I met the awesome Bridget for a run. She’s running her first half marathon THIS SUNDAY and she was also in town from Nebraska…so we had to do her last ‘long’ training run together. Seven hilly, sweaty, chatty and fun miles. I could get used to running with her! She will also be one of my partners in crime for the Warrior Dash in July…ohhhh yeahhhh!

Mother’s Day was spent hangin’ with momma bear at home…she knows how to keep it real and I love her so much!

Now I’m going to go do something that I never do. Go to the gym at night. I have only been putting it off since this morning…must go before I fall asleep lose motivation.


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