good weekend = long post

While my friends spent the weekend scattered across the country in Las Vegas, Nashville or Orlando, I made the most of the weekend here…at home. In Kansas. Kansas can be fun too.

After Girls on the Run on Friday afternoon, it was time for a (new Friday night ritual) sister date! The evening started with Best Buy…we’re such girls, I know. I caved was at wit’s end with my iPhone and decided to upgrade…to the iPhone 4. Say what you will…I’ve turned into one of those Apple people. I love Best Buy now though because of their sweet little Geek Squad boys and the trade-in program. Take advantage of this people, seriously! Sell them your old electronics…they will pay you to take them off of your hands! It’s better than Extreme Couponing.

Anywho, after that was said and done we headed to Ingredient to get our grub on

I got the best salad I’ve had in a very long time (probably because it was the first salad I’ve eaten with vegetables other than mushrooms and salsa since…a long time ago)

and Chancy built her own pizza. And said it was the best pizza she’s ever had (she is a self proclaimed pizza connoisseur) so coming from her I was THRILLED that we both liked the same restaurant. PS I definitely took a couple bites of her pizza and OH MAN was it good…so rich and delish! Dinner was followed by a driving lesson

Sorry the flash is a little insane. She thought the flash was a little insane too. Wait…shouldn’t I have been instructing and not photographing her driving? Oops. Not gonna lie, I realllllly liked being chauffeured around in the passenger seat with my feet propped up on the dash. Livin’ the life. Gosh I am such a good driving teacher!! Don’t worry, we made it home safely.

Saturday rolled around and I was planning on racing in the Run for Mercy, but opted out because after next weekend, I have a race every weekend for 4 weeks and need some high quality training before Hospital Hill which is the last race of the 4 races in 4 weeks thing. Though I missed doing the race, it was still a beautiful morning for a run

So I opted for the trails again! 10 miles and I didn’t get lost like last week! I like the trails because they provide much more of a challenge, I like them more, and time flies by (mostly because I can never tell exactly where I am because all of the trees look the same). By the end of the ten miles I was sweating like I haven’t sweat in a longggg time…I can already imagine what pictures from Hospital Hill will look like, it will probably be dubbed ‘Sweatiest Race of Kelsey’s Life.’

After the run and after washing all the salt off my face, I tagged along with my daddio to Costco because I heard about their mass amounts of produce for a steal of a price. This was the best $5 I have spent in my whole life

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon before work outside studying and watching the dogs make funny faces

Today has been a lazy, chilly, rainy Sunday…one that I hope you have enjoyed!

What did YOU do that was fun this weekend??

Lastly, I bid you adieu with a wink and the finger guns

Yes, I did just do that.


3 thoughts on “good weekend = long post

  1. so wait, do you watch extreme couponing? i have a love hate relationship with those people. like i love bargains and free things…but i feel like they are HOARDERS!

    • I have seen enough of extreme couponers to make me sick…I mean how do these people have enough ROOM to store all their junk/stuff? I feel like half the stuff they buy will expire before they can even consume or use it. Crazies.

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