a picture is worth a thousand words…


Which means I have 9,000 words for you.


why running is better than having a boyfriend

  • you don’t have to get dressed up for a date; all you really need are shorts, a good sports bra and no makeup is necessary
  • running doesn’t lead you on or break your heart
  • you can date other sports and activities and running won’t question you; it may even benefit your relationship with running
  • though the first date might be awkward, it only gets better and easier from then on
  • running is always there for you no matter what
  • running doesn’t get old and wrinkly; you do
  • running isn’t a stage 5 clinger who texts you incessantly when you’re out with your gal pals demanding your whereabouts when you really are just wanting to enjoy your evening
  • running doesn’t take you out to dinner or buy you a lifetime supply of chocolate, thus preventing the ‘love chub’
  • running won’t confuse or judge you, but it will challenge you to become a stronger and better person, mentally, emotionally and physically

I got sauced

Yep, you heard it right. Kelsey got sauced, and let me tell you…it was saucy.

It all started on Friday when I got an uncanny craving…for barbecue. Barbecue? Like the slow smoked meat, slathered in sauce, please-don’t-tell-me-the-nutrition-facts-because-that-will-ruin-my-night…barbecue?

Yes. Barbecue. I can tell you that it has been over four years since I have feasted on barbecue. Why so long? Let me give you a backstory. When I began losing weight, I avoided anything that may have been remotely unhealthy for fear of gaining a single pound back. This avoidance of certain foods began a long list of what I refer to as my ‘fear foods.’ It’s not that I wouldn’t love to sink my teeth into a burger on occasion, but due to fear of gaining weight, I wouldn’t allow myself a lot of different food, and barbecue was one of them.

After learning how to eat properly, listen to my body (with the help of Stimulock) and also coming to the realization that indulgences are good in moderation…I got down and dirty.

What kind of Kansas Citian am I to have never been to Gates BBQ? Well as of last night, I am a more quality member of the community.

(I am also sorry that my picture quality is sub-par, they were all via the iPhone.)

The pressure! What did I want?!

If you are a shy, quiet or judgmental person then don’t go to Gates. You better be ready to shout to that lady what you want to eat from halfway across the restaurant. “Don’t be insecure girl, own that order…work.that.san.wich!” Then I just stood in amazement and smiles admiring the way things work there…I wish I could yell that loud.

This is Kansas City.

I didn’t realize this sandwich was the size of my head until I saw this picture. Burnt ends on bun, baby. It was so good that I was convinced the rapture had happened and I was in heaven at the pearly gates themselves.

Later into the evening I was wishing that the rapture would happen so that I would be relieved of serious indigestion.

let’s play a little game of catch up

It has been nearly a week since I posted. And to think I call myself a blogger! Time to play catch up. Since I haven’t been blogging I have been:

1. Savoring the last of our Girls on the Run Season

2. Not failing my finals. Score!

3. Running 8 miles on the treadmill at the gym because it was torrentially downpouring when I was going to run. The first fifteen minutes were aw.ful. I couldn’t focus and the first couple of miles are always the stinkin’ hardest. Then I decided to push myself and cranked the tread to a 9:14 pace and held it for 5 miles. The people around me were staring and probably thought I was nuts when the treadmill ran out of time and I reset it for another thirty minutes. Despite how much I didn’t want to run, I’m glad I did. It’s true when they say you never regret a workout. Then your legs get kind of really sore.

4. Ending the Girls on the Run season with a 5k this morning, awhh yeah! I’ll have pictures later. I paced one of my girls and she did a totally awesome job, and left me in the dust when she was sprinting to the finish line!

5. Drinking way too much iced coffee today. I’ve never been a coffee girl but after reading about Monica drinking gallons of the stuff a day, the craving hit me like a ton of bricks.

This is dangerous, people. But oh so good.

And tonight I plan on doing something dangerous which may or may not involve barbecue sauce running down my chin in public.

Stay tuned, it’s about to get wild.

Is it Monday already?

I’ve gotten into this blog swing of only two posts a week, but after finals this week be prepared  for a lot more blog and a lot more FUN! Ha!

I am currently doing a lot of this:

Drinking tea like it’s going out of style. Sore throat, congestion…no thanks! Maybe a result of too much talking…? Me, a talker…nahh!

Or maybe because I’ve been a busy bee. Yeah, we’ll go with that one. This bid’ness has resulted in a complete upheaval of my schedule and my body has obviously responded, “No me gusta!” I did my long run last week on Thursday…12 miles. I am declaring that the day that I hopped the crazy train because I typically don’t like running more than 7 miles on any given week day. Long runs are for weekends in my book. It was tough mentally and physically but I was glad I got it done.

Why would I subject myself to such torture? Because I ran with the cows on Saturday and knew there was NO WAY I would want to run 12 miles after a 5k. Seriously, people. This race was a momentous occasion because it was my friend Jennifer’s first 5k!!! See photo recap of our Saturday morning:

“Uhh…how do you get up and run every Saturday?!”

“I get up early enough that I’m still half asleep while running!”

“Here…let’s make em think we ran the whole thing!!”

“Look at us! We can take pictures of ourselves while we run!”

“Where are the cows??”

“That doesn’t count, it’s not real!”

“Ok we need another running pic to convince them we ran the WHOLE time!!”

“Yay we’re almost to the finish line! Why are there horses but not cows on the course??”

“”More cowbell!!!! This is better than a medal!!”


Let’s just say we had some fun during this race. I was impressed with how well put on it was for a smaller race, the spread of food was HUGE, lots of chocolate milk, great race t-shirts, and cowbells. Love! Now I just need to con Jen into running another race with me…

Yesterday my little brother turned 11! He joined our family five years ago and let me just say our lives would be totally different without him. In a bad way. I also love the simplicity that comes with a boys’ birthday; pizza, cake and Legos. Done, done and done! It was so awesome getting to see him so pumped while reading cards and opening his plethora of Legos, it’s the simple things, right?!

He’s also special to me because he’s my only other blonde counterpart in the family. I look more like him than I do most of the rest of my family…yep, we’re soul sibs!

He. was. STOKED. It was adorable, seriously.

Check out this picture that my little sister FREE-HANDEDLY sketched and painted for my brother, is she amazing or what?!?! She is so talented! Tristan was in shock…”You mean…she actually likes me??” Ha! Nothing like that sibling love.

And he wanted his birthday cake from Costco. Which means I didn’t have to make it. That qualifies as some little brother points in my book!

Now I am off to do important things. Like study and coach. Hoping that I’ll have an epiphany while running tomorrow so I can have something to blog about. If not, I will see you when I emerge from finals at the end of the week!

what I was doing while not blogging all week

Contrary to what you may think, I have not abandoned my blog. Posting was scarce this week because I was having fun. See: riding on motorcycles


The weather has also been wonderful lately, so a good amount of my time has been spent outside. And getting written citations for one of our dogs getting out of the back fence. Let’s just say she has been a perfect angel since I rescued her from the doggy police. We will see how long this lasts.

With warmer weather also comes thunderstorms, which are my favorite thing ever. Check out these monstrous clouds:

Chancy and I had our sister date on Friday, and we were both feeling kinda ‘eh’ ya know? I had to talk her out of froyo for dinner and introduced her to Whole Foods instead. She got pizza. Again.

New goal: go somewhere that pizza is NOT an option. I was in a ‘I want to try a little of everything’ mood and so I did…

This was two meals worth of food. Note: the WF hot/cold food bar IS my guilty pleasure. I also tried one of these bad boys:

Uh, so good.

Then it was time for a driving lesson. Not as good as the Zevia. Let’s just say I was shouting ‘Land! Land!!!!!!!’ as soon as we parked. You know, like Vin Diesel in The Pacifier style. Just like that.

Saturday morning I met the awesome Bridget for a run. She’s running her first half marathon THIS SUNDAY and she was also in town from Nebraska…so we had to do her last ‘long’ training run together. Seven hilly, sweaty, chatty and fun miles. I could get used to running with her! She will also be one of my partners in crime for the Warrior Dash in July…ohhhh yeahhhh!

Mother’s Day was spent hangin’ with momma bear at home…she knows how to keep it real and I love her so much!

Now I’m going to go do something that I never do. Go to the gym at night. I have only been putting it off since this morning…must go before I fall asleep lose motivation.

so you want to run?

But you think you can’t? Or you think that 3.1, 6.2, 13.1, heck even 1 mile is near impossible? Let me tell you something…this may be hard to comprehend, but you can run (granted, if you don’t want to then you probably won’t) but if you like the idea of becoming a runner, you CAN! If doesn’t matter if you’re old, young, a mommy or daddy, skinny or large and in charge…read on!

When I talk to people about running today, most ask me if I ran in high school. I can’t help but think to myself, “Ha, if only you knew me in high school…”

I started running in January 2010. I had moved back home the fall prior to figure out what I wanted to do with school and life. When I was attending Wichita State, I was on the rowing team and those were the most intense, adrenaline pumping workouts and (best) experiences I have had in my life.

I miss this stuff.

bottom two photos courtesy Susan (the best team photographer in the world, obviously)

Upon returning home, I needed that same adrenaline rush and something to keep me active as well. My aunt encouraged me to participate in the Trolley Run and that’s all the goal I needed…I was going to run a race. It would keep me occupied for a few months at least.

Yes, I spent four months training for a 4-mile race. At this point in time I was also fresh out of a rough break-up and running became my new relationship. When I first started running, I could run about 40 seconds before I got winded. I am being totally serious. After staying dedicated to my training plan, I was soon able to run for 2 minutes, 4 minutes, then 9 and 10 minutes without stopping. I recall the first time I ran 14 minutes without stopping and was on top of the world!

The journey that running is taking me on is truly incredible. It challenges me, pushes my limits, allows time to think and reflect, is always there, has helped me build relationships and I am thankful for the blessing it has been in my life. Since January 2010 I have completed 11 races, two of which were half marathons and have races #12-15 coming up in the next month!

So now it is your turn. Maybe you have only dreamt of running, or couldn’t fathom running ten feet…but if you have the desire, you can be a runner. Here are my tips for those of you who are aspiring runners:

1. Set a (realistic) goal for yourself. A race, event, celebration. Make your race something important to you which you will look forward to and be enthusiastic about.

2. Read up! Before I ever started running I drowned myself in running books, a couple of favorites are: The Runner’s World Complete Book of Running and The Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running. Learning and educating myself about running has been one of the most beneficial things I have done to become a capable runner. These books contain so much advice, tips and answers to questions you may not even know you have about running.

3. Find a training plan that works for you. This will help guide and maneuver you through the time leading up to your race. Whether you have time to run 3 or 5 days a week, having a plan to follow will make your relationship with running more enjoyable and consistent.

4. Make sure you have good running shoes. Don’t let a pair of bum shoes get you discouraged and turned off from running…I speak this from experience. Better yet, get fitted properly for a pair of good running shoes if you plan on having an LTR with running. Warning: this may be tough to accept, but your running shoe size will probably be a size larger than what your normally wear. So if you have big feet like me, be prepared for bigger feet.  It’s humbling.

5. Start running. Even if it’s only for 30 seconds at a time, you are just that much closer to your goal! And also remember to stay encouraged and find people who can keep you accountable for your running!

6. Get addicted. This step is optional, but it very likely to happen! Many runners talk about getting ‘the bug’ after their first race and that’s kind of how I got to where I am today. The feeling of crossing a finish line for something you trained your booty off for is a feeling I can’t even describe! So you know what this means…you’ve gotta test this theory out for yourself!

Though I feel like I could write a hundred thousand entries about running because I’m a nerd like that, I will spare you. I would like for you to keep reading my blog. Disclaimer: I am not a pro (yet), I just read a lot and absorb a lot of information about running and nutrition and these are my personal tips for those of you who may be hesitant about becoming a crazy runner person.

This photo exhibits my points of 1. you can run at any age (I am the youngest person in this particular picture) 2. old people can run, see…that is me trailing and old man 3. running makes you crazy, see: tutu