should have known…

Maybe I had been avoiding a ‘leg’ day at the gym for so long because I didn’t want to fathom the amounts of pain and soreness that would ensue. Or maybe it was because the weight room is chock full of meatheads at the hours I go. Orrrr maybe because I was ‘so focused on training’ that I was nervous that my soreness would affect my ability to run.

Excuses tossed aside and earbuds in, I joined the meatheads on Thursday to get my leg press on. See secretly, I knew all the benefits of what a leg workout would do for me :

  • stronger legs = better/faster running
  • more defined quads…hello? who doesn’t want more defined quads?!
  • alleviation of the pain I’ve been experiencing in my hip flexors the past few weeks during hard runs due to strengthened hamstrings and glutes
I kept reminding myself of this as I was lunging and leg-extending my way through the gym.
Sore doesn’t even begin to describe how my legs felt on Friday. I should have known that I would be hobbling like granny and my body thanked me for finally doing something good for it besides running and eating my vegetables. Come Saturday it was time for a long run and I hit my body with a double whammy- 8 mile trail run on sore legs. I could do this.
I chose a trail run because I am sick of my normal route and I get really bored. very quickly. My body and mind needed a challenge and change of pace. After the first mile of rolling hills I was able to set in my groove and before I knew it an hour had passed–and I was lost. Uhh…yeah. I got lost…1.5 miles of lost. I honestly didn’t mind it though, the extra 1.5 was good for me.
Among the trees, squirrels and occasional fellow runner, I imagined myself living in Oregon or some other lush, mountainous state. The air was crisp, birds flying and I could hear trickles of streams close by. This made me remember how much I love running and of the beautiful places my legs can take me. It also helped take my thoughts off of how sore my legs were. This was hands down my favorite yet most challenging (ahem..hills) run I have had to date. By the time I reached society and my car, I wanted my legs to be chopped off. Don’t worry, an ice bath sufficed as soon as I got home.
Needless to say, leg days are going to be my new bffs. Stronger legs here I come!
In other news…HAPPY EASTER!!! From my family to yours:
and this is what sibling love really looks like people:
best. picture. ever.

One thought on “should have known…

  1. I’m so much better at taking pictures than posing in them 🙂 And, you’re pretty photogenic, so that makes it easy. Sisterly love – too funny!

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