exciting news and a book list

Dear readers, I have something very exciting to share with you!!! A lot of you probably know this already, but this week I have officially become a Stimulock practitioner/weight loss coach! I am so excited to help people with this homeopathic system to reach their weight loss goals and maximum health! Fitness and health are two of my greatest passions in life and I am so blessed to be able to embark on this journey!

Lately I have been doing a lot more reading than normal, which is probably a good thing. Reading = feeding my brain. I just finished up with this book:

I have 7 days left of lock-in on Stimulock and in all honesty…I have been nervous about how I will continue fueling my training. This book has been great on helping me learn how to (correctly) fuel my active lifestyle and I was also comforted in the fact that the majority of my diet can and should remain as it has been with Stimulock, full of pure, real, colorful foods!

Here are some other faves…because I am secretly a huge nerd.

I.love.this.book. I am fascinated with food, how our society uses and abuses it, and issues that lead to people having unhealthy lifestyles. Dr. Kessler offers a very informative, scientific and insightful point of view on how our food-mentality has changed and become skewed over time. And it doesn’t say cupcakes should be eternally banished. Win.

Because I read cookbooks. For fun. You should try it sometime.

I guess it is a good thing that I am going into the health field, given my obsession fascination with anything relating to the topic.

What’s your favorite book as of late?

PS I am doing some work on the blog, if you’ll notice I have added a new Races tab up top and will have more additions soon!


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