To begin…all I can say is wow! I was so overwhelmed with the response from my last post…I am honored to have so many amazing people reading my blog. Seriously, you all ROCK! I know that we all go through things in life for the purpose of helping others and I am glad to see God continuing to use this journey of mine to be able to relate to so many others out there.

Yesterday I needed to run, I knew it. But I didn’t want to. Uhh…I think we all have days, or multiple days when we don’t want to do something. My bed was just so cozy and I could barely open my eyes, but I knew deep down that I must run. 5 miles, that’s all I was asking my body to give me was 5 miles. But my bed was so cozy…

Then I began thinking of some long term goals I have set for myself; one which you don’t know about,  another involving a marathon, and a half marathon I have coming up in about 7 weeks. There was my motivation. Got my booty outta bed, fueled up with a couple of eggs and laced up my sneaks.

Thankfully it was a beautiful morning for a run and after I was outside in sunlight I was glad I was out. It was so pretty I wanted to let myself just walk the five miles, you know, to enjoy the weather. Ha! I wanted to start out slow and keep a conservative pace, because 5 miles is kind of an awkward distance for me; my runs are typically either 4, 8, 10 or 12 miles. 5 will have to become a favored distance on my part because I am beginning to up my mileage, and 5 is the new 4…in miles of my short runs.

Back to the run. I let my mind wander, and after the first mile I was in my groove. The sun was shining, there was a decent breeze and I was really enjoying my time outside. Then I began to think outside of myself, which I admittedly need to practice more of. I was thinking of how grateful I was to be able to enjoy the run I was on. I was thinking of people I know who have unfortunately sustained injuries that don’t allow them to run, people who don’t have the time to run because they are so busy supporting and caring for their family, people who are too heavy or embarrassed to run, and people who simply haven’t been exposed to running. I was overcome with the sense of how blessed I am to have this life and the opportunities I am granted.

As soon as I knew it, my five miles and thoughts had led me right back home in 46:28…and I thanked Jesus for my legs, the weather, my life, and in advance for making me a fast(er) runner.


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