I can see the light!

Many of you have been aware of or are following me through my Stimulock journey. Let’s rewind to January, the Loading Days which you can find here and here. These loading days were to ‘prepare my body for the weight loss phase’ and included stuffing my stomach with things like this

and this

Oh and we definitely cannot forget these

After two days of (literally) eating myself sick, I began the weight loss phase which has included more of this

and a whole lotta these

Guess what comes next?! Just guess.

I. finally. get. to. start. the. lock-in. phase!!!

This means that:

  • over the next 23 days I will be enjoying as much protein and vegetables my tummy requires which means amazing monstrous salads
  • I am healthy
  • I feel amazing
  • it is finally time to enjoy where I am after 4+ years of hard work put in to lose weight
  • my patience was wearing thin of being on protocol. honest to goodness truth.

But seriously, this is the light at the end of the tunnel in this journey. I have literally worked my butt off for over four years to get to the place I am today; I couldn’t have done so without:

  • my bff Jesus giving me motivation from the heavenlies
  • constant support and encouragement from my friends and family
  • the many life lessons I have learned on this path

It has been a long 87 days, Stimulock, but in 23 days it will be time to maintain and enjoy.


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