Rock the Parkway Recap!

Second half marathon completed (and survived)? Check!

Let’s rewind to Friday night. I had my packet, my clothes set out, bib ready to be pinned on my shirt, post race clothes and Powerade Zero packed…and it still didn’t really phase me that I was running a half marathon the next day. I remember back to my first half marathon and I was counting down the minutes to the time it started…maybe that’s normal for someone’s first ‘big race’? I had just kept telling myself, “It’s just another long run, you’ve done this before, it’s no big deal,” which kept my nerves at bay, but maybe too much at bay?

My only goal for this race was to beat my first half marathon time (of 2:28), to enjoy the race and have fun doing it.

Check, check and check!

I met up with Stephanie before the race to get our freeze on

We chatted, laughed, shivered, port-a-pottied, warmed up and said a lil prayer before we parted ways to find our designated pacers! Nerves? What nerves?? We were both just ready to have a great race.

I tossed my sweats just before the clock started and was a little nervous for the first mile because I couldn’t feel my lower appendages and was wondering when it would stop feeling like I was running on two frozen limbs. My pacers were great and I finally felt warmed up after the second mile.

If you need a good cheerleader, I will rent my aunt out to you for for a pretty penny. As long as it’s not on a day that I have a race. She could not have picked a better spot at mile 3 to cheer me on from! I was greeted with her holding this sign:

Which made me believe in myself all over again! *Note: for those of you who spectate long races, finding a spot on the course to cheer from helps runners A LOT. Because everyone cheers at the start and the finish, but the real need for cheerleaders is when the race gets hard!

I made sure I stayed hydrated and seriously debated three port a potty stops. Basically everywhere there was a porta on the course, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Miles 4-10 felt really good (who am I…since when does running 10 miles feel good?) and a lot of that thanks goes to my pacer, Melody. I would edge ahead of her at the hills, she would catch up to me and push me on the downhills…cat and mouse basically, and it worked!

At mile 11 I began to hurt. I felt like my left ankle was going to pop off my foot at any given moment, but I knew I had to keep running. The last 3 miles were all mental, I’m tellin’ ya! My body was wanting to stop, fall over, be tired and check out of the race; but my brain was reminding me of all my mantras: “You are the! You are awesomesauce! Girl you got this! The sooner you finish, the sooner you get to walk! You are a rockstarrrrr” and so on. Plus Melody’s voice right behind me kept me going.

I had wanted to finish the race in 2:18 or less, and the last quarter of a mile Melody and I cranked out all that we had left. I don’t sprint, let alone for a quarter of a mile…but we did. At this point I knew we weren’t going to beat the 2:20 mark but I didn’t care; when you give it your all you give it your all. I refused to not put in everything I had for the finish.

This super attractive pic was snapped literally right after I crossed the finish line. Check out that sweat. H-o-t-t.

My little sister’s super sweet best friend was also holding this sign at the finish

Can we just adopt her into the family please? She came to the race because she wanted to. Heather, you are the coolest 14-year old ever.

Here is some more post-race eye candy for you. I apologize in advance that I don’t think we are all looking in the same or right direction for a single picture. That’s what running half marathons do to you…they make you crazy.

That medal = reminds me why I put in hard work. Hard work = hardware. Yeahhh baby! Plus it’s the size of my face.


Stephanie and Drew totally rocked the parkway! Steph finished right at 2:00 and some seconds and Drew finished in 1:41, which put him at 17th in his age bracket. That is rockstar status right there, and I am jealous! Congrats Steph and Drew!!!

My official time was 2:20:53 which is 8 minutes faster than my last half marathon; I didn’t break 2:20 which is okay because I know that I gave it everything I had. This just means I have to keep running half marathons!!!


What made this race awesome:

-I was my own cheerleader and it was awesome. I’m going to be my own cheerleader on a pretty regular basis from now on, doing anything from running half marathons to taking anatomy tests.

-I made sure I had a positive attitude the entire time. Positivity is empowering!

-I ran the whole entire 13.1…that’s a PR within itself!

-The favorite sign I saw held on the course (by the cutest little girl ever) said: Why run 13.1? Because 26.2 is just stupid!

Looks like I’ll be crossing the bridge to stupidity this year.


A HUGE THANKS to my fabulous family and friends for the unending amount of encouragement you provide; it means the world!


7 thoughts on “Rock the Parkway Recap!

  1. I stumbled across your blog thru an online search and I just want to say you are such an inspiration!! I am a brand new runner and I did a 5k in March and I am doing a 10k in 2 weeks. I keep playing around with the idea to sign up for a half-marathon that is in October but I keep chickening out…any suggestions for new runners/wanna-be half marathoners???

    • You are so sweet, thank you! First of all, congrats on your 5k and good luck on your 10k, I’m sure you’ll do amazing! I signed up for my first half marathon because it fell the day before my 21st birthday, so I wanted to do something unconventional to celebrate. The race that I did was the KC Half Marathon and the coach who designed the course also designed a training plan, so that’s the one I followed. It’s so important to just pick your race and dedicate yourself to your training program. Some days/weeks are better than others, but if you can get past those rough days you’ll come out SO much stronger! I find that if I have a goal, I’m going to work my butt off to get there! It sounds like you’ve got the running bug, already doing your first 10k πŸ™‚ As long as you believe you can do a half then you CAN do it…the feeling of crossing the finish line is like nothing I can describe, and then you get a big fat medal, what could be better??

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