It’s Fridayyyy!

Yesterday I completed the She Runs LA 10k in 1:00:14…not bad for a fun run (or my first timed 10k)!

In other news…as of today, I am finished with the lock-in phase of Stimulock! Woooohooo!!! This time around I dropped 30lbs, shed a lot of inches and a few sizes to boot! Although all of that is nice, what’s more important is that I feel amazing. Through the experiences and revelations that I have had through this journey, I feel as though I’m a much stronger person and the happiest and healthiest I have ever been in my life. Sigh. This is better than a runner’s high.

End of lock in = I get to slowly introduce more food in my diet than what I’ve had in the past 109 days. 109 days is a long time. The past 109 days have also allowed me to do a lot of thinking regarding my diet and what I choose to put in my body. Be on the lookout for my ‘Food Philosophy’ post coming up!

Time for something funny. I used to work for a cell phone retailer and spent 97% of my days dealing with people’s phone issues. The tables have turned and I have issues of my own. Yesterday I was about to leave class and my (iPhone) started vibrating, I thought maybe someone was calling me. Nope. I couldn’t really figure it out. This went on for fifteen minutes, I kid you not. I even turned my phone off and it was still vibrating. It’s been going wacko on me, maybe time to get a new one. I have a theme song for my beloved phone, it’s ‘Stop and Stare’ by One Republic, and this is why:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go be productive while I wait for 8 minutes for my dial pad to show up on my phone.


wacky Wednesday and a run in LA

This morning started out with a lovely trip to the doctor’s office


and I will be the first person to tell you that I am not a fan of going to the doctor’s office, but in order to (try) and make sure I’m as healthy as possible, I go to the doctor when needed.

The trip to the doctor was then followed by a hair appointment by my sweet friend Ashlee. I needed a fun change:

Why yes, that is pink in my hair. I’ve been feeling very ‘pink’ lately, so I figured I might as well. And I love it!

Then when I got home I had a package waiting for me, who doesn’t love getting packages??

Especially when they are packages from Nike in Los Angeles…!!!

It was my She Runs LA Nike tank top!

What’s the deal here, you ask? A few weeks ago on Monica’s blog I won a free entry to the She Runs LA 10k…so tomorrow morning I’ll be running a 10k in LA. What’s the catch?

It’s a virtual 10k. How does it work? See there are several Nike+ products and apps that you can use to track runs. I will be using the Nike+GPS app on my iPhone. I run a 10k on my turf and upload the results to the race website. How cool is that?

The run benefits Students Run LA which helps underprivileged teens in the city have the experience to be exposed to the sport of running in a positive environment…I love it!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be sporting my pink tank top in my first competitive 10k of the year, first virtual run, and first run in LA (ha)! Time for some shut eye!

should have known…

Maybe I had been avoiding a ‘leg’ day at the gym for so long because I didn’t want to fathom the amounts of pain and soreness that would ensue. Or maybe it was because the weight room is chock full of meatheads at the hours I go. Orrrr maybe because I was ‘so focused on training’ that I was nervous that my soreness would affect my ability to run.

Excuses tossed aside and earbuds in, I joined the meatheads on Thursday to get my leg press on. See secretly, I knew all the benefits of what a leg workout would do for me :

  • stronger legs = better/faster running
  • more defined quads…hello? who doesn’t want more defined quads?!
  • alleviation of the pain I’ve been experiencing in my hip flexors the past few weeks during hard runs due to strengthened hamstrings and glutes
I kept reminding myself of this as I was lunging and leg-extending my way through the gym.
Sore doesn’t even begin to describe how my legs felt on Friday. I should have known that I would be hobbling like granny and my body thanked me for finally doing something good for it besides running and eating my vegetables. Come Saturday it was time for a long run and I hit my body with a double whammy- 8 mile trail run on sore legs. I could do this.
I chose a trail run because I am sick of my normal route and I get really bored. very quickly. My body and mind needed a challenge and change of pace. After the first mile of rolling hills I was able to set in my groove and before I knew it an hour had passed–and I was lost. Uhh…yeah. I got lost…1.5 miles of lost. I honestly didn’t mind it though, the extra 1.5 was good for me.
Among the trees, squirrels and occasional fellow runner, I imagined myself living in Oregon or some other lush, mountainous state. The air was crisp, birds flying and I could hear trickles of streams close by. This made me remember how much I love running and of the beautiful places my legs can take me. It also helped take my thoughts off of how sore my legs were. This was hands down my favorite yet most challenging (ahem..hills) run I have had to date. By the time I reached society and my car, I wanted my legs to be chopped off. Don’t worry, an ice bath sufficed as soon as I got home.
Needless to say, leg days are going to be my new bffs. Stronger legs here I come!
In other news…HAPPY EASTER!!! From my family to yours:
and this is what sibling love really looks like people:
best. picture. ever.

exciting news and a book list

Dear readers, I have something very exciting to share with you!!! A lot of you probably know this already, but this week I have officially become a Stimulock practitioner/weight loss coach! I am so excited to help people with this homeopathic system to reach their weight loss goals and maximum health! Fitness and health are two of my greatest passions in life and I am so blessed to be able to embark on this journey!

Lately I have been doing a lot more reading than normal, which is probably a good thing. Reading = feeding my brain. I just finished up with this book:

I have 7 days left of lock-in on Stimulock and in all honesty…I have been nervous about how I will continue fueling my training. This book has been great on helping me learn how to (correctly) fuel my active lifestyle and I was also comforted in the fact that the majority of my diet can and should remain as it has been with Stimulock, full of pure, real, colorful foods!

Here are some other faves…because I am secretly a huge nerd. I am fascinated with food, how our society uses and abuses it, and issues that lead to people having unhealthy lifestyles. Dr. Kessler offers a very informative, scientific and insightful point of view on how our food-mentality has changed and become skewed over time. And it doesn’t say cupcakes should be eternally banished. Win.

Because I read cookbooks. For fun. You should try it sometime.

I guess it is a good thing that I am going into the health field, given my obsession fascination with anything relating to the topic.

What’s your favorite book as of late?

PS I am doing some work on the blog, if you’ll notice I have added a new Races tab up top and will have more additions soon!

Trolley Run 2011

Yesterday was my one year race-iversary! I celebrated by running my tenth race at the same event I competed in my first race at!

Runners tend to develop pre-race rituals to get in the race groove. I eat the same breakfast, wear the same shorts, drink a bottle of water an hour before the start, must take a nervous poop, arrive to the starting line early to warm-up…but sometimes these rituals don’t follow through as I would like. The Trolley Run on Sunday was a prime example.

I was a little tired from staying out not too late at my friend’s surprise 90’s themed birthday party playing Skip-It and doing the Macarena. When I woke up at 5am on Sunday…I did the same breakfast, put on the same shorts but couldn’t do my nervous duties. I figured that’s what the port-a-potties were there for and I should just head to the race site.

The Trolley Run is unique from other races I have done because they shuttle you to the start line from the plaza via ‘trolleys’…

This is what a portion of 11,000 runners look like while waiting in line to be shuttled to the start

This is what three cold and sleepy partyrunners look like while waiting in line to be shuttled to the start

Lisa is on the left and Talia was a brave soul and decided at 12:30am on race day that she was going to do the run with us…her VERY FIRST RACE! And she rocked it…you go girl!

(This is also the part where I promised I would take pictures during the run and I failed at that promise. Last minute I asked Lisa’s wonderful spectating sister to hold onto my camera for me because I just knew it was going to bug me during the race)

Let me put a long story in as few phrases as possible: 7:43am off bus, 7:45am race start, no poop, water sloshing in stomach, dodging runners to pass, cattle-esque stampede, narrow streets, mentally checked out due to sleepiness, still wanted PR.

My mile splits were as follows:

Mile 1: 10:30- I will openly admit that I was being a huge grumpster the first mile because this split was not okay with me. Then I reminded myself how negative splits are what sets PRs…negative splits set PRs…

Mile 2: 9:30- I was relieved but felt like I could push even harder…this race was only four miles and I knew I could beat my goal

Mile 3: 9:18- My mood greatly improved and was recalling to when I did this race last year as my first race. It was fun passing the spots that I remember taking walk breaks in last year, and then running right through them

Mile 4: 8:30- Uh…I ran a mile in 8:30…after running three miles before it?

My official time was 37:48 which I was shocked and very happy about. I cut over a minute off per mile of my average pace from last year and beat my last 4-mile race time by over 2 minutes! I was relieved, and didn’t poop my pants during the race and was able to cross the finish line (a second time) with Lisa and Talia!! I also snapped some pictures to compensate for my lack of in-action photos:

The finish line!

This photo had to be included…Lisa being a boss!

Talia finishing her first race! Hug and high-five worthy!! You are AMAZING!!!

Followed by a well earned seat on the sidewalk.

I also want to shout out to my awesome Aunt who walked the race and beat her time goal by a long shot! I wish I had pictures of her crossing the finish line…Aunt you’re incredible!

The Trolley Run will always have a special place in my heart, but from here on out it will be a ‘fun run’ that I do; not one going for a time goal, but one to be enjoyed with my friends and family.

Now for races 11, 12, 13, 14….100…you get the picture!


Tomorrow I will be running in the Sabates Eye Center Trolley Run for the second year in a row. This race will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my first race…so I am declaring tomorrow as my ‘run-aversary’ and I plan on celebrating big time! By hopefully setting a PR! Although that’s not going to be my main goal for the race it would be nice, but I really just want to have a fun time.

For the entirety of the race I will have my camera with me (which will be a first) and I will be taking a bunch of pictures for a blog entry to follow about what races look like from a runner’s perspective…it’s going to be a fun post! Until then, I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful Saturday!


To begin…all I can say is wow! I was so overwhelmed with the response from my last post…I am honored to have so many amazing people reading my blog. Seriously, you all ROCK! I know that we all go through things in life for the purpose of helping others and I am glad to see God continuing to use this journey of mine to be able to relate to so many others out there.

Yesterday I needed to run, I knew it. But I didn’t want to. Uhh…I think we all have days, or multiple days when we don’t want to do something. My bed was just so cozy and I could barely open my eyes, but I knew deep down that I must run. 5 miles, that’s all I was asking my body to give me was 5 miles. But my bed was so cozy…

Then I began thinking of some long term goals I have set for myself; one which you don’t know about,  another involving a marathon, and a half marathon I have coming up in about 7 weeks. There was my motivation. Got my booty outta bed, fueled up with a couple of eggs and laced up my sneaks.

Thankfully it was a beautiful morning for a run and after I was outside in sunlight I was glad I was out. It was so pretty I wanted to let myself just walk the five miles, you know, to enjoy the weather. Ha! I wanted to start out slow and keep a conservative pace, because 5 miles is kind of an awkward distance for me; my runs are typically either 4, 8, 10 or 12 miles. 5 will have to become a favored distance on my part because I am beginning to up my mileage, and 5 is the new 4…in miles of my short runs.

Back to the run. I let my mind wander, and after the first mile I was in my groove. The sun was shining, there was a decent breeze and I was really enjoying my time outside. Then I began to think outside of myself, which I admittedly need to practice more of. I was thinking of how grateful I was to be able to enjoy the run I was on. I was thinking of people I know who have unfortunately sustained injuries that don’t allow them to run, people who don’t have the time to run because they are so busy supporting and caring for their family, people who are too heavy or embarrassed to run, and people who simply haven’t been exposed to running. I was overcome with the sense of how blessed I am to have this life and the opportunities I am granted.

As soon as I knew it, my five miles and thoughts had led me right back home in 46:28…and I thanked Jesus for my legs, the weather, my life, and in advance for making me a fast(er) runner.