going crazy and dreamin’ big!

Good morning, friends! I wish I had time to post entries on the weekends, but this weekend I was doing fun things like:

  1. watching KU win on Friday night
  2. running 8.25 miles on the dreadmill at the gym at goal half marathon pace because Kansas is crazy and it likes to snow here when it is spring and almost April
  3. mourning KU’s loss on Sunday night
  4. working…boo
  5. doing crazy things (see below)
  6. going to Nexus
  7. eating my vegetables like a good girl

But now it is Monday and I am back in blogging action!

What kind of crazy things have I done this weekend…? Let me tell you!

I registered for the Hospital Hill half marathon the first weekend in June. Someone asked me if it was a hilly course. Well the word ‘hill’ is in the name… I just kindly responded that I had heard it is one of the more challenging races in the Kansas City area. Add this to my plate, and starting this weekend, I will be completing 6 races in 62 days. I didn’t really intend for this to happen, it just did.

When you thought it couldn’t get any crazier…I also registered for this. I danced in circles when I found out this race was coming to the area thanks to my friend Bridget and her sister who are also doing this event…the Warrior Dash. Because we are women warriors. My friend Drew did it in Colorado last year and gave me permission to post some of his photos…here is an idea of what we will be enduring:

This is his sister crawling under wire and through mud…obviously 😉

This is Drew emerging from the mud pit

Jumping over flaming coals? Yes, I will be doing this too. Actually, knowing me…tripping into flaming coals. The course also involves lots of obstacles including tangled nets, rope webs, wooden planks, running in rivers…I. can’t. wait!! Unfortunately this race isn’t until the end of July, but the amigas and I are registered! Now I have an excuse to play in mud and practice fire jumping skills all summer. As part of my ‘training.’


Signing up for races = diverts my attention away from wanting to bake anything yummy and chocolatey. Obviously I have been thinking about chocolate way too much if we equate that with the number of races I have signed up for.


PS I also want to say that I have a dream, a pretty big one. I haven’t told anyone about it yet because I am still trying to figure it out myself but I am SO pumped about what it could become. I shall divulge more information when I have a better idea of what exactly it will involve.


Q: What are you looking forward to this week?

Happy Monday and remember to dream big!!


One thought on “going crazy and dreamin’ big!

  1. Warrior Dash! Time to get excited! If you go to facebook, warrior dash page, then fan photos, you can get an idea of the crazy people you will be hanging out with. Who knows… may even see you there!

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