little victories and…

Little victories are to be celebrated!

Little victory #1– 4 mile run in just under 37:30…PR right there!

Little victory #2– I finished the first mile of that run in under 9 minutes…the fastest I’ve ever ran a mile in my life!

Little victory #3– I am almost to the lock-in phase of Stimulock…holla!  I will have a ‘Lock-in’ post coming within the next week. Lock-in = the light at the end of this loooong tunnel!

I am also very excited about some things coming up in my life which I hope to share with you at a later (and more definite) date!

Now for a public service announcement. Note: if legs or feet gross you out do not continue to read


Do not, I repeat, do NOT use bronzing lotion unless you are a rockstar at even application, otherwise you will look like this:

You can clearly see that I am not a rockstar at even application. When I finish this post I am going to go scrub these streaks off of my legs.


And an idea for my fellow running friends- if your feet are ever sore after a workout or your arches are hurting like mine (which is NOT okay nine days before a race) do not be afraid to use household items for therapy:

This Febreeze can has been my bff today. Hopefully my foot will be better in the morning, and if not, the stationary bicycle will be my bff tomorrow.


I know this is the most rando post ever. I’m sorry, this is my life. Bronzing lotion and Febreeze cans. Send help.


Q: What little victories have you celebrated lately??


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