the backyard blog


Today’s entry is brought to you from…my backyard!

Yes I am wearing a tank top…I was trying to avoid a farmer’s tan.


There was NO WAY I could spend a beautiful day like this inside

While outside I have played with my dog, done some studying, completed some Girls on the Run lesson planning, and I may or may not have dozed off for a short while. Don’t tell anyone.


You may or may not recall that the last 12-mile training run I had was very bad. Crying, frozen legs, etc etc. It is no surprise that I wasn’t exactly psyched out about the 12-miler on my training schedule for this past Saturday. But I needed to buckle down, put on my big girl pants and git er done. I had a half marathon to train for. But only with the power of the Lord a little help from my friends!

A couple of weeks ago, Stephanie mentioned doing a run on the race course (she is running the half marathon too) to get our last long run in and to see how the course would be. So by Thursday, Stephanie and I had made our plans to meet up where the race begins and get our 12 miles on…together!

A briefing of the run:

  • we spent a fair amount of time having to run on the street and even had to dodge a couple of cars with drivers chatting away on their cell phones
  • the course is relatively flat with some gradual uphills and rolling terrain
  • the scenery is beautiful! Gorgeous houses, churches, landscape and fountains to keep my mind off of running look at!
  • we took a little detour aka got lost. I can still laugh looking back on it because we um ‘deducted’ about 5 minutes from our finish time because we spent those 5 minutes wandering in the street and scratching our heads trying to figure out where we were. We forgot that we ran down the opposite side of the course but thanks to Stephanie’s navigation skills (Google maps via iPhone), we were able to get back on track
  • getting lost took us about an extra half mile and three EXTRA LARGE hills off track. So this counts as unintentional overtraining which means we are more than ready to Rock the Parkway!

All in all, it was an awesome run, the kind of runs I wish I could have all the time. But without those stinky long runs, I wouldn’t appreciate the good ones quite as much.


Mini goals for this week:

  1. spend more time reading my Bible
  2. enjoy and put all that I have into these last two weeks of training before the race
  3. not be stuck in routine


Right now I am getting out of my routine and am going to go bounce over to a class at Title Boxing.

Let’s hope I will be able to walk tomorrow.


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