I <3 Texas

On Monday morning I set out on my first vacation/fun trip in over five years. This is what I gladly left behind:

I was clearly excited to be leaving

It was nice seeing green scenery for the first time since…before winter

I made a stop in Wichita to see some friends and relive my WSU days! Monday was Pi day and when I was in the student lounge/union with my friend Lisa (I have a lot of friends named Lisa…) we participated in a contest to see who could come up with the most decimals to the number Pi. What’s any smart girl to do in such a challenge? Google, duh! We weren’t given any rules for the contest, so why not! We ‘memorized’ Pi to the 172nd decimal and then were interviewed by the school newspaper, you can read the article here. Cool stuff like this never happened to me when I was actually a student at WSU.

It was time to hit the road again! Texas was on my mind!

Why was I going to Texas? To see my brother! He’s one of my best friends but it had been five years since we had seen one another. A running embrace was more than necessary!

I also got to meet my nephew Rhylen for the first time…he is a pretty amazing dude

who does not believe in opening his eyes for photos


when he found out my eyes were opened for the above photo, he made me retake one, with closed eyes!

That’s better!


Vacation time = no itinerary, no obligations, doing whatever. So I lived it up. Which also included visiting the largest WF I have ever been into in my life…thus far.

This place was bigger than Super Target and I was in love. Everything is bigger in Texas.


No plans/itinerary/obligations = hanging out with farm animals…? I’m not explaining this one, if you see me, ask and I will be glad to tell you the story behind it. Plus, animals are cute so it’s okay.

Rachael needed her turn too!

Then I found a Zonkey and was obsessed. Pretty sure this was the coolest thing I saw all week. Almost as cool as the super-sized WF.

Zonkey/Zebroid/ Zedonk/Donka = hybrid between a zebra and donkey. So. cool! And friendly too…

Please forgive my lack of makeup. It was vacation. Vacation = I didn’t wear makeup if I didn’t want to


Although my trip was short, it was the most fun I have packed into three days in a very long time. I’m never going that long without seeing my brother again. This trip reminded me that family must be a top priority and how much my family means to me, near or far. I missed my Kansas family but I loved seeing my Texas family. Why don’t we all just move to Oklahoma?? Oh wait…that would make us Sooners. Needless to say, my brother and I already started talking about plans for the summer! As I was sitting in the guest room (behind the door…? Yes, I’m a messy traveler and was looking for something), my brother peeked in and said he was really going to miss me…I can’t believe I fell for it.

Nothing quite like that brotherly love.


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