Westport St. Patrick’s Day Run Recap

Holla bloggas! You have probably seen this picture already because it is my Facebook profile photo:

The race costume consisted of: St. Patty’s Day knee high socks, homemade tutu, Magically Delicious tee, (unseen to the naked eye) green sports bra, green nail polish with sparkles (because sparkles make everything better…along with chocolate), and my lucky charm face tattoo. Have I mentioned that green is my favorite color?

Anyways, Saturday was the PERFECT weather/day/morning for a race. Last year I volunteered at this race and it was cold, rainy and gross…but not this year. Seriously. Could not have asked for better race weather. I met up with Lisa (imagine a photo of Lisa is right here because her camera is the one with photos of us on it) and Stephanie:

who was dressed as a princess because it was her BIRTHDAY!!! We have done a couple of races together and she always does a great job at encouraging me during runs/races…she inspires me!

I loved seeing all the costumes…a pot of gold, Oscar the Grouch, other Irish princesses/fairies/red beards were quite a sight!

Port-a-potties are important too:

People getting ready to race:

Photos courtesy of Kansas City Sports Commission


(Insert more photos that I don’t have on my camera because I don’t like running and being a photographer simultaneously)

But anyways, onto the real stuff. This was the first time I actually ran this race (4 miles) and I also didn’t drive the course which I like to do, but it doesn’t always happen. I didn’t know what to expect, and although I wanted to run this race ‘just to have fun,’ I still wanted to beat a time goal. Goal: 4 miles in under 40 minutes.

The first part of the race was very crowded due to narrow streets and it was a slow start which kind of stunk. It took twelve minutes to get through the first mile and I admittedly thought “Awhh crap, there’s no way this is going to happen in under 40 minutes…” but then the optimistic angel appeared on my right shoulder and I knew that if I wanted to finish this thing in 40 minutes by golly it was gonna happen! It also helped that I had Lisa and Stephanie by my side!

Before the race began, Lisa and I agreed that if I wanted to pick up my pace and depart from her that it would be totally okay. We lost her around mile two, come to find the poor girl’s shoes were causing her too much trouble so she did what any real woman would do…she ran almost half the race barefoot. She’s more of a woman than I am.

There were a couple of semi-steep inclines that made up for my lack of hill training provided a challenge and Stephanie and I trucked on. I was so focused during this race about beating the clock that I was definitely in ‘the zone’ which means I only remember four things from the last two miles:

  • Stephanie encouraging me to keep up the pace and reminding me of my time goal
  • the ‘unofficial’ aid station with beer and jello shots which made me laugh…and want to throw up at just the smell of the beer because that’s the last thing I would want during/after a race
  • going up the last hill and seeing one of the first finishers walking back, cheering us other runners on and saying, “…this is the last hill you guys, after this it’s all downhill to the finish, you’re doing great!” and this was when my brain clicked on…”I’m going to beat my goal” and I put the pedal to the metal and was telling myself “give it all you got, leave it all on the course, you got this!”
  • sprinting to the finish line and accidentally running into a couple people when I crossed because I was making sure I beat the clock

I got an email this morning and my heart broke a little bit, it was from the race and it said my finish time was 41 minutes and some odd seconds. I wasn’t going to put that on the blog and was boo-hooing about it because I thought there must have been a mistake, but I can’t really argue the ‘official’ time, even though my watch said 39:23 for my time.

BUT I double checked this evening when I got home.


Official time: 39:22.2

Average pace per mile: 9:51

I’m doing my happy dance all over again.


Edit: here are some photos from Lisa and kudos to her amazingly talented sister Amy for being a pro race-picture taker 🙂


I am ready to Rock the Parkway in T minus 19 days!


One thought on “Westport St. Patrick’s Day Run Recap

  1. Kelsey!
    You’re so awesome, you and Stephanie inspire me! I am going to make it a priority to get some running shoes in the next week!

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