I had a really good idea

All good ideas should begin with chocolate

As you can see, I was excited that KU wasn’t losing but I was more excited to bake!

The second part to good ideas should always be chocolate chip cookie dough

My camera took this all on it’s own. As you can see there is an example of pure hard work above…can’t you see the blur of my arm?? Super mixing skills right there. Feel free to count as your workout for the day.

Cookie dough, meet brownie batter. As you can tell from the photos I do my best baking at night.


Then these babies go in the oven, and I proceed to get my stuff set out for the race tomorrow:

And then checked the oven every 5 minutes after the 30 minute mark because this was an experiment and I didn’t want anything to burn or be ruined because I would cry.


43 minutes and a Jayhawk victory later, I decorated:

I give you…the ‘brookie’:

I made this for my mom as a pre-birthday birthday cake since I will be in the land of the cowboys on her real birthday. The first thing she asks me when I cut her a piece, “Can you try a bite of this?”


“Mother, I wish. I wish I wish I wish. I’m going to stick a piece in the freezer for whenever I cheat again am done with the diet.”


By her standards, it is amazing. I hope I get some more good ideas like this soon. Reallll soon.


Now I must exercise self control and stop blogging because I am hoping to PR a 4 mile race in the morning!


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