the ugly truth

This is a wahh wahh post..I’m sorry. I have a good post in the works to compensate though.

But today was Long Run Saturday. Today the long run consisted of 12 miles, and they were 12 miles that I never want to experience again in my life. As we all know it was cold this morning, the temperature didn’t get above freezing until mid-afternoon. I run in the mornings. So here we have 26 degrees, 15-20mph winds and Kelsey running 12 miles.

To gear up for the cold, I just wore running rights, a dri-fit shirt and dri-fit jacket, gloves and ear covers thinking that I would be fine. The first four  miles were amazing, I have to be honest. I ran the best 35 minutes of my life, but this:

1. caused me to heat up very quickly

2. I was expending my energy

3. I drank all my water (oops)


Then I got frustrated because my legs were getting cold which made it harder to run. Then I had to go to the bathroom, which never happens to me during runs, SO I ended up detouring my route to swing by my house to release, refill, and get into clothes that weren’t drenched in perspiration. On my way back by the house, the winds really picked up and became more and more frustrated, so I started to cry. I hardly ever cry. I was so mad though! This run was not going as I had planned, but it seems as though my plan making efforts never go as planned.

Tears froze to my face, I finally made it home (this was after 8 miles), did my business and then changed into my running shorts because my legs were sweating and I was annoyed. Big mistake. Then of course as I’m heading right out the door, my dog looks at my her big brown eyes and wagging tail:

saying ‘Take me with you pleaseeee!!!!” and I couldn’t say no, so Honey joined me for my last 4 miles, which lifted my spirits at the least. My poor planning didn’t remember that running north this morning = bone chilling winds. I felt bad for Honey and spend that two mile stretch repeating ‘Gahh it’s so cold…brrrr…I’m sorry Honey!’ which made it so much better (not). The frozen leg feeling returned which meant I was alternating walking and running…more frustration = more tears shed. Yes, I cried twice on my run and Honey and I hauled the last two miles home.


What did I learn today?

  • Never go running in 26 degrees with wind ever again.
  • Not going to complain about being cold ever again; I just have to take my thoughts back to this morning
  • Not everything will go as I would like it to; sometimes I need to make pit stops (in running, life, etc


This morning was a learning experience and time of reflection and skin thickening more than anything. I’m not perfect, I don’t have to be perfect, I am not in control…and I am okay with that.



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