back in action!

Thank you for bearing with me through my last debbie-downer post…all I can say is that I’m glad that is over and finished with! Now, onto better things!

First, let me make it known that my middle name is Sale. There are only two things I pay full price for (at the moment): running shoes and a good pair of running shorts. I bit the bullet and finally purchased new ones of each, my running shoes are the exact same as my old ones, and my old running shorts were too big and kept falling down, so I tried on about 30 pairs to find ‘the ones.’

Since I sweat so much, I knew that I also needed to actually start (regularly) running in those ‘dry fit’ shirts (I own like 5 and never wear them…so it totally makes sense to buy another one right??) and never thought I would find a new one I liked…until this baby inspired me:

Inspiring. Sweat wicking. Less than half price. I’m inspired, are you inspired?? I feel as though this shirt will make me fabulous whenever I finally wear it.

I also have something to share that you may or may not know:

Don’t mind my faded black pants. Yes, those are Vibram Five Fingers. I do all my cross training in them, love them, and get funny looks from people when I wear them. I’ve been XTraining in them for about 6 months now and I know they have improved my running form and lower leg strength, and the feeling of being barefoot is my favorite. So I say that if you are looking for a new ‘workout’ shoe, give Vibram a try…your calves will thank you.

This salad reminded me of summer and is diet friendly (minus the avocado), win-win:

PS I eat a variation of this salad every day.

Cooking with/for your friends is more fun than cooking for yourself:

spinach feta bleu cheese turkey burgers (recipe courtesy of Jenna) and homemade sweet potato fries. I sadly resisted cheating on the diet, but go make yourself some sweet potato fries…for me?

Sweet Potato Fries

1. one sweet potato per mouth you’re feeding
2. enough olive oil to cover the sweet potatoes
3. whatever spices you want (salt, pepper, chili powder…get creative!)

1. Heat oven to 450

2. Peel the potatoes if you want, but I prefer the skin on, then slice those babies up into fry-like shapes, wedges, circles, whatever you want!

3. Throw em in a bowl and douse them with that olive oil, just enough to cover all the little fries, then add in whatever spices tickle your taste buds

4. Put them on a nonstick or foil lined pan (no dishes to wash!) and stick them in the oven for about 11 minutes, then flip them all over and bake until they are crispy/your desired texture of fry (10-13 minutes). P.S. make sure the fries are s p r e a d o u t otherwise they will be mushy. Trial and error.

5. Indulge.


I hope this finds you well and I wish you a happy Monday 🙂


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