this is how I spend my free time

Lately it seems that people have been asking me what my hobbies are (this is good because it means I am meeting new friends), but all I can come up with are…running, blogging, and…food? I omit the really embarrassing ones like reading stacks of books about running and nutrition, cookbooks, Bon Appetit, Runners World or my mild obsession with tea and Man v. Food.

So in case you didn’t know…I like food. A lot. Ok love. As most of you know I have been on a diet since early January, and although I am eating very healthy and feel amazing…I’m ready to be done. I want some of my carbs back. I am happy to admit that the food that I am craving is healthy, real, and natural. So how do I get over these cravings? You’re going to think I’m crazy…but I spend too much a lot of time reading food blogs, magazines, books, etc. So much time that I have compiled a list of food that I am enthused about slowly incorporating into my life (or eating them just once…I don’t care at this point!) so here you go…I’m sorry if this leaves you hungry.


1. Overnight oats in a jar. Oatmeal was one of my favorite foods back pre Stimulock, and this version is one you stick in the fridge and eat in the morning, cold…and it can contain whatever your heart desires. I see bananas, strawberries, blueberries, chia seed, peanut butter and pumpkin (not all together) in my future of oats…



2.A big, soft, salty, delicious homemade pretzels. And then I have plans to slice them in half and turn them into sandwich buns. Can I get a yum?



3. A really good sandwich. With whatever I want on it…this may become a daily staple. Hummus, spinach, turkey, chicken, sprouts, cucumbers, edamame…the possibilities are endless.

Courtesy of Kath


4. Buffalo chicken stuffed shells, anyone? I’m going to need an excuse to make these babies. Who wants to come over for dinner in _____ days?



5. A dang quesadilla. Quesadilla = toasted, cheesy sandwichy goodness…with whatever my heart desires ¬†nestled inside.



6. Quinoa. Why am I craving this…I have no idea. It’s a safe craving though, it packs a good amount of protein and is absolutely delicious and versatile.



7. Yes I miss broccoli. It is not on the allowables of protocol. I’m not explaining myself.



8. I miss my chocolate PB2. I love this more than real peanut butter. This will go great in those overnight oats. And probably in a quesadilla with a banana.


9. Can’t forget dessert! This would go really well with those overnight oats. Or in the quesadilla with PB2 and bananas. I may be able to knock out half of my list in one meal. I am okay with that.



Two other items on my list:

Spiced Lentil Burger from blanc burgers+bottles

Sweet potato burrito from Eden Alley <Pre-race carb loading? I think yes.



There seems to be a trend here. Carbs. I promise I’m not going to eat all of these things in two days. I learned my lesson the hard way last time after eating too many carbs too soon after getting off the diet. I developed my own personal blotation device…not fun.

So there you have it friends, probably two of my deepest,darkest secrets to date: foodgawking and a love appreciation of carbohydrates.



(See, I could have written about my 8 mile run yesterday, but that’s no fun to look at. Food is fun to look at. If it snows on Saturday and you want to look at something really fun, you can come to the gym I workout at and watch me run 12 miles on a treadmill.)


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