let’s get physical

You know what could easily be put on my top 5 list of ‘most awkward things in life to-date’?

One word: calipers. Yes, I am talking about getting body fat percentage taken via the skin fold method. There is nothing quite like standing around and having your personal trainer pinch the fat of your stomach, back, hips, triceps, thighs and the chicken fat between your boob and armpit. Why do I put myself through this torture? Because I was born with legs as strong as an Olympian. Because I care more about my body fat percentage than my weight, as I have always carried a decent amount of muscle. And seeing as how I am on this diet, I was curious to see where my BF was hanging around these days (that’s BF for body fat people, not boyfriend, boyfriends don’t hang around here).

I’m practically a pro at this whole skin fold test thing, seeing as how I get it checked almost every 6-8 weeks. I know it has to drive my trainer nuts, but it’s something I need to know! Now for the numbers:

  • 38.2% body fat last summer during half marathon training, pre-Stimulock, falling in the ‘obese’ category
  • 23.0% body fat as of 11am today, still on Stimulock and am now a member of the ‘fitness’ category
  • 51 total pounds lost to date since beginning Stimulock
  • 8 times I did a happy dance today

Sometimes doing things like having a stranger pinch your fat with cold, plastic tongs is very humbling and uncomfortable, but all goals and dreams have to start somewhere, right??

(This post was going to contain more but currently the WordPress photo uploader is not working…I am having the worst digital photography luck ever this week!)

What does this mean for you? This means you have to wait until Friday for a tantalizing recipe 🙂 sweet dreams!


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