Apples to Apples

I have some explaining to do.

Let’s start with the good: I woke up at 4:15am yesterday to get an 8 mile run in before class. I made a mistake…no pre-run fuel and my potassium was low, and low potassium means muscle cramps after mile 6 and dead legs on mile 7. The final mile was hard, I wanted to cry a little bit, but knew I was almost there.

The bad: I cheated. I cheated on the diet, and it was delicious. I don’t regret a single bite.

Jenna has a recipe for brownies that I had been wanting to bake for a while, so I whipped up some for my family as a Valentine’s day treat.

Do yourself a favor and go bake them. Or I will bake them for you, and help you eat them. I have never been a brownie girl because the only brownies I knew came from a box, but these ones, I cannot fully express with words of the English language how delicious these brownies are. You will find yourself on the floor in food heaven with these brownies.

I also baked the best cookies ever from Shawnda, whose blog I love.

While I was cheating I not only enjoyed the best brownies and best cookies I have ever eaten in my 21 years of life, but also

  • a chicken gyro with hummus from Mr. Gyro’s for lunch
  • Black Cherry Chobani

and for the first time in my life…

Sinless Cake Batter. Oh my yum.

Why did I cheat?

There is a reason behind all of this. I had hit a plateau and didn’t lose for a week and was very frustrated, so I started brainstorming what I could do to push through this. After talking with my practitioner, I decided that on my long run day I would also do a cheat day. I had burned 1000+ calories from the run, and cheating would a bit of a shock to my system, so I cheated. One brownie, a couple of cookies throughout the day…I wasn’t in ‘loading‘ mode because what little I was cheating with was making my stomach upset. When you listen to your body you can hear it talking to you.

What happens when you cheat?

Stimulock offers a couple of different options to recover from cheat days, I opted for an apple day. That being said, I have just been eating apples today while on the drops. Which would explain the abundance of these:

In conclusion

  • you should bake yourself some brownies, you are welcome in advance
  • most things are good in moderation
  • I am hoping my body is officially shocked

**Disclaimer: The practices of Stimulock are only for those who have purchased the drops and are following the program. You can find out more about it here.


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