cool runnings!

Kelsey vs. Treadmill

Kelsey: 1, Treadmill: 0

Never before would I have imagined running 6.25 miles on a dreadmill would be somewhat enjoyable. See, here in the midwest we have been having this snow problem:

and the only way to the sidewalks is through 10 inches of snow, which makes it hard to run on, you know.

This weekend I was also suffering from a workaholic, tired and unmotivated to run problem. After finally having 8 hours of sleep last night, I was ready to tackle the long run that I didn’t run on Saturday.

After going to the info session with Eladio Valdez last Thursday, it also helped me rethink some training methods, and I tweaked my training schedule to ‘train like I race.’ This includes starting longer runs with a 1-3 mile warm-up, gradually increasing my pace, and (since they are workouts) having a 1-2 mile cool down. Today, I put these into practice. Changed my life! Well, at least my running life.


Just the fact that I can still run 6 miles without dying is a miracle. I will admit though, I forgot what my body felt like running for long amounts of time.

Hello sweaty elbows, red legs, and gurgly stomach. It’s been a while.




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