snowdrifts and seminars

In order to make my way to the dreadmill at the gym yesterday, I had a good 60-minute warm up consisting of shoveling!

Seriously people. I was a one woman shoveling machine!

(And no, I really don’t hate the treadmill, I would just rather run outside. But not outside when it looks like this)


I am officially on week two of ‘real’ half marathon training. I can’t believe I actually started. Tonight at Gary Gribble’s, the race organizers were offering a seminar/informational session about the race, the course, etc. I figured since the only thing I knew about this race was that I was running it, it would be beneficial for me to attend! I’m glad I went because:

  • news to me-the course is supposedly a fast one! No monstrous Liberty Memorial hills that I would like to forget about from the KC half marathon
  • there will be pacers. I like pacers because I let them do the real thinking for me during a race. This way I have more time to let my mind wander.
  • Eladio Valdez was the keynote speaker and is an amazing running coach and made me believe that I can in fact, have a great race
  • free t-shirt!

Plus I picked up two books, Marathoning for Mortals and Runner’s World Performance Nutrition for Runners for under $20.   I love discounts.



Question: What are you doing for the Supa-Bowl??


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