Racing 2011

My race calendar for 2011 thus far:

Westport St. Patrick’s Day Run
3/12/11- Registered
This will be my first race of 2011, a 4-miler, dressed in green “through the heart of Westport”! I volunteered at this event last year and I can’t wait to run it!



Rock the Parkway Half Marathon
4/2/11- Registered
Very excited! Still trying to swallow this pill.



Trolley Run
This was my first race ever last year and I can’t wait to run it again! Hoping to PR this 4-miler!



Girls on the Run Season-End 5k
To explain, I am going to be a coach for GOTR of Johnson County and am SO excited! I will share more details later!

Hospital Hill Half Marathon
Going to conquer The Hill…this is supposed to be one of KC’s best half marathons, and the longest running one at that!



Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
August 2011
I ran this 5k last year and it is a fabulous race for a great cause. Plus almost everyone wears pink. What could be better?



Kansas City Marathon
Yes, this is the race that I am planning on losing my Marathon Virginity to. I have no words at this time, except to say that this year I am running a marathon. Let me get that Rock the Parkway pill down first then we can talk about a marathon.


I intend on doing a couple of races in September, possibly Free to Breathe or Head for the Cure, but will decide when it comes closer to the time. In 2010 I completed seven races and this year I am aiming for 9-11 races, with these ones being more substantial distances. I think I will be seeing growth and change through these experiences…time to do work!


One thought on “Racing 2011

  1. There’s a few 5Ks there I want to do too, if you don’t mind waiting around for awhile after you’re done! 🙂 2011 = your PB YEAR!

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