Today I did not succumb to laziness

Confession: Saturday morning got the best of me and the lazies won, so I didn’t start training like I was supposed to. BUT today was a new day and I overcame the lazies.

These bad boys were getting pretty lonely in the corner front of my closet until this morning. After Statistics at 8am, which I affectionately refer to as, “The worst idea I’ve ever had,” and breakfast, I made my first trip to the gym in…two weeks. Yep! Two whole weeks. I was scared. I didn’t know if I remembered how to run. And if I didn’t remember I certainly didn’t want to be on a treadmill where other people could see. It felt funny and weird at first, the bottoms of my feet felt like they did when I was logging 14 mile training runs, I had to remind myself of correct posture…”It’s only been 10 minutes?! Ughh..” but I kept on! For having not worked out in fifteen days, I would say the 3.5 miles was a success.

What would a training run be without a wedgie halfway through? No training run of mine! It never fails. It’s even better when on a treadmill because you can’t pick it because you know that everyone behind you will see and you are only on mile 1.5. I hope someone at the gym got a  laugh today.


Want to know what makes me laugh?



See, my dog loves the snow. Whenever I let her outside to play, the first thing she does is bury her nose in the snow and roll around in it, notice the evidence? Then she proceeds to hop around in the snow like a rabbit. I’m not kidding.

Her winter nickname is Honey the Snow Bunny

Honey and I wish you all a good night!




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