reasons why I like my diet.

I have been asked daily ‘how’s the diet going?’ and call me crazy, but I like it. The diet that is. Here is why:

1. I can pronounce all the foods I eat. No Slimfast shakes or frozen meals over here!

2. it forces me to cook real food that is delicious

3. I am in total control over what goes into my body

4. it is natural

5. I see results daily

6. it is sustainable

7. it positively affects my body, mind and soul

Today is day 14 and it seems like those loading days of cheeseburgers and Taco Bell were months ago! I am happily making much better progress than I was the last time I did this diet, losing a pound a day. I know, I know, ‘That can’t be healthy!’ and sometimes I wonder if it is myself, but it honestly is. The Stimulock drops reset my hypothalamus, adrenal and pituitary glands which cause my body to release all the stored body fat that has been packed away. So while maintaining a strict diet, my body is using thousands of calories per day of stored energy that it otherwise would have no use for. It sounds different than any other diet because it is. You can now consider yourself updated 🙂


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