Day 2

The Last Supper
Thank goodness.

Loading meals are officially done. I had no idea what to do for my last, and to be frank I didn’t really care what it was. I knew it was going to be junk either way, but I wanted it to be junk worthwhile.

I had never been to Five Guys before but had heard things about it. Like that they fill your bag completely full of french fries. I had to find out for myself.

Yes, they give you enough french fries to fill a large dinner plate. This was a regular sized order; not large.

And they give you two patties on a regular burger…really?

I have to give Five Guys this; they boast no fillers in the meat, a trans-fat free menu, and fresh cut french fries (you can taste the difference).

One thing I have noticed over the past two days: all of my meals have been a shade of brown. This is not okay.

I hope you’re as sick of looking at all this brown food as I am sick of eating it.

Tomorrow: first day on meal protocol.

Get ready to see some green!


Oh NO she di’int

Yes…oh yes she did. I can’t believe I am even admitting this publicly.

Dear Taco Bell,

I haven’t feasted on your faux food in four years. I had heard things about you since then on health documentaries that follow the American fast food trends, and I must admit they were accurate. I can see why your food is so addicting. It is cheap, the aroma itself if amazingly potent, and the food requires little to no effort in mastication. But not once while consuming this did I feel I was eating real food.

Love, Kelsey.

Just wait and see what the final (thank the Lord) loading meal has in store for us.


My breakfast would make Paula Deen blush.

Loading day number 2 is upon us, folks. Yesterday was pretty brutal and I have no idea what is in store for my other meals today. Someone suggested the Chipotle burrito again but that is not going to happen. $10 to stuff my face and be miserable? No thanks.

What should I eat the rest of the day, readers?

I can’t wait to start the diet part of this diet tomorrow.


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