Day 1

I apologize for the late update, I was busy eating.

All this eating is hard work! I accidentally took three…yes three naps today.


Anyways, dinner was embarrassing. I ate corn dogs and tater tots. Not even worthy of photos. I think we all know what corn dogs and tater tots look like. Thankfully this meal didn’t hurt as much as the two prior, possibly because I took a solid 6 hour break between meals. Then I took a nap. When I woke up I ate ice cream straight from the carton. I felt like such a rebel.


What’s in store for tomorrow? More eating, of course. What will I be eating tomorrow? I have no idea. Please feel free to offer suggestions because I feel as though I have done my fair share of eating for the next five months and don’t want to think about tomorrow.


Oh look, it’s time to eat again.

I feel like I could be featured on an episode of Man v. Food after my two meals so far. Except it would be Woman v. Food.

Lunch today was Kelsey v. Burrito.

In one corner we have the rookie of the year, looking a bit intimidated:

Facing off against the fan’s favorite, heavyweight champion of burritos:

This burrito had a lot going for it. Rice, chicken, black beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese, guac and lettuce. It was the size of a small child and is no match for those with weak stomachs. The battle was long and painful:

But escaping with only minor lightheadedness and a slight stomach ache, Kelsey came out victorious.

There will however be no scheduled rematches for Kelsey v. Burrito for a very long time.

The third and final installment of this post tracking Load Day 1 will be up for your viewing pleasure later this evening. After I decide what to eat.


I have to be honest. Days 1 & 2 on Stimulock are not easy. Why, do you ask? Days 1 & 2 are referred to as ‘loading days.’ This means you take the drops and eat “…as much food as possible…” I’m not joking you. Fat, sugar, carbohydrates, starch, butter…yes this is real. The point of this is to replenish your stored body fat and when done properly, the loading days help prevent hunger pangs while on the diet. Loading days also make you never want to look at food ever again.

Fact: it is very possible to be in physical pain from eating. I reached this point at 9:17am today.


Why yes, this is a full stack of pancakes topped with butter, maple syrup and a side of turkey sausage.

While eating breakfast: my heart rate increased drastically, I could feel my blood pressure rise and a huge headache set in. I proceeded to sit in my fullness for approximately twenty minutes and decided that a short nap was necessary.

Stay tuned for the lunch update in T-minus 3 hours.


5 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. You crack me up!!! Also, I can’t believe my eyes! That’s your plate with ALL that butter?!?! I think that might even challenge my butter limit (if there is one). Please, for me, try to enjoy your loading days!! xo!

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