What is it about Mondays?

It seems as though stuff always happens for me on Mondays. Tomorrow is no exception.


If you will recall with me, three days ago I blogged about not needing ‘no stinkin’ diet,’ right? Well there comes a point in my life where I have had enough chocolate and need to wear something other than black stretchy pants. AKA my jeans are getting tight and that is not okay!


Let’s recall again, this time back to September when I started a diet known as Stimulock. This is a homeopathic diet which essentially resets your hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands, releasing stored body fat while on a very strict diet. You can read about it in detail here, which does a much more thorough job of explaining the fine print of the program.


Why am I telling you this? Well, I thought I had reached my weight loss goal, but with Christmas came an additional few (yes…only a few) pounds and about two weeks ago I decided I was going to go through the Stimulock program again. But this time, I will be blogging about it. The diet won’t be all that I blog about, but I want to share this new journey with all of my readers.


See you readers in the morning with Day 1 of Stimulock!


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