today is a good day

If you think about it, everyday is a good day, but today is especially good. Why, do you ask?

1. I woke up to my dog cuddling with me

2. Special K Chocolatey Delight…Special K counts as healthy and there was chocolate…can I get an amen?

3. I had a $20 gift card from my BestBuy Reward Zone Card (so I guess everytime you spend $1100 on a new computer, you get a $20 gift card…it compensates, right…right??) and bought $30 of iTunes gift cards for $10…booyah

4. Smallcakes. Need I say more?? I picked up cupcakes for the little boys I watch + 1 for myself…I am counting down the time until I get to go watch them (and will provide a thorough review in a later post)!

5. I went to kill time at Targ and bought fancy colored pens + highlighters for school this semester…it motivates me to want to take good, organized notes. What girl isn’t motivated by fancy colored pens?

6. Black stretchy pants and a sweatshirt

today is a good FANTASTIC day, yes


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