What is better to do than blog when I’m at home sick?

This weekend I had the opportunity of going out to Lawrence for an early morning celebration of my bes fran, Aleeza’s 21st birthday. On Saturday her roommates and I took her out for breakfast to a little restaurant which was worthy of a rave.

715 is conveniently located at 715 Mass Street in Lawrence, KS.

When you walk inside you can tell it’s different than other restaurants on Mass. This place is great because it’s local, fresh, and all the food is real and in season. It had the ambiance of a French bistro with a menu to match.

This is the kitchen, where you can see and hear everything going on and being prepared. We were tempted to steal some baguettes. I mean, look at them!

On the weekends they offer their brunch menu, and since I was still suffering from cupcake overdose the night before, I opted for some butternut squash soup with grilled bread, of course!

Yes, this is real butter that they put on the bread for you. Yes, Kelsey ate butter. Real butter. This soup was heavenly. Not too thin, not too thick with a hint of ginger…SO delicious.

Angela got the belgium waffle

and Julie and Birthday Girl both ordered the quiche

We all sat in complete silence as we devoured our meals. That’s how good it was.

Next time you are in Lawrence I highly recommend you give this restaurant a visit!


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