Good afternoon bloggies! I can’t believe I just said bloggies. I hope this post finds you well. As you can see I did survive my hour long run this morning in the wonderful seventeen degrees, and managed to be a little sore afterwards. It’s embarrassing to admit that I seriously haven’t ran more than thirty minutes at a time since the half marathon. BUT. That changed today!

As you may recall from the post, Is It Monday Yet?, yesterday was Monday! I was able to eat non-protocol foods, and you know what this mean…I went shoppin’! My non-protocol Monday began with a protocol breakfast:

A scrambled egg with ground Chia seed and a 45-calorie slice of Sarah Lee toast. (I know it looks boringboringboring) but it’s still yummy.

This fueled my trip to Whole Foods, Target and Hy-Vee. Yes, three store for one girl. I get the best deals possible, people!

I will spare the boring details of my shopping adventures and highlight with a couple of items I purchased that I am most excited about:

Notice the carbs?

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