When in Doubt, Cook it Out

Good Monday morning, bloggers! After the Week of Gratitude I had to set my computer down and take a few steps back from the e-world and enjoy the people I’m thankful for!

I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous, as mine was! I had some much needed quality family time and learned something new. What’s that you ask? Girl can make a sweet potato pie. A couple of days before Thanksgiving the boy had told me he really likes sweet tato pie, and the next day I had a recipe delivered to my inbox from allrecipes.com for sweet tato pie. Coincidence? I think not! I just have to say that it smelled divine (and was devoured)!

And here I find myself on this Monday morning, slightly stressed, facing the music of migrating everything I have electronically from my sweet ol’ PC to the Mac that I bought last week. Too stubborn to pay the Geek Squad $100 to do it for me. Along with this stress, I have three overly-ripe bananas and a neglected container of quick-cooking oatmeal.

You know what this means. Time to bake!  Have a happy Monday!




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