I. Love. Cooking.

Which could be why I am awake at 12:45am on Thanksgiving day, just having put 5 hours of work into the kitchen, with a 5k to run in t-minus 8 hours.

But seriously people. I can’t really describe with words how much I enjoy cooking. Last year was my first year doing Thanksgiving all by mah’self and it turned out surprisingly well, and I’m doing it again this year! Because I think it’s fun.

Tonight I accomplished:

  • brining my 16-pound butterball
  • baking cornbread for the dressin’
  • maple pumpkin pie
  • sweet potato pie
  • banana nut bread (for breakfast)

I just love cooking. Hey you, yeah you. Ever need something cooked for you? Please ask me! (I’ll look for any excuse to cook).

Now for your viewing pleasure, my activities from the evening:

(please excuse the strange lighting on this one) yes that is my hand in the bird.

More photos displaying my family’s fun-filled get togethers will follow…now for sleep…Turkey Trot here we come!


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