the Week of Gratitude: day 7

This is the final day for the Week of Gratitude on faith/food/fitness, and I’m ending with two things which I am utmostly grateful for: my faith and my freedom.

Each day it is important for my to let my Creator know how grateful I am for Him and all of the things I have shared with you this past week; my family, friends, education, health, food, freedom…I would have none of these things if it weren’t for Him. Unfortunately, no matter to what degree I show gratitude, none of it can compare to the sacrifice that was made for my life.

I am grateful to be free, practice my faith, love my life,  be with my family and friends…and I am grateful that Kayla challenged us bloggers to participate in this Week of Gratitude because this was something I needed; to step back and think, “Gee, I sure have a lot to be grateful for…” and has caused me to shift my outlook on life to the countless blessings I have.


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