the Week of Gratitude: day 6

I am so grateful for my friends! I love all of my friends, and know we all have a distinct purpose in one another’s lives; whether it be to support, challenge, laugh with, or cry with, we’re all together for a reason!

Growing up I had ‘best friends’ who would exit my life as quickly as they entered it; I had falling outs with other friends, and some friendships are just harder to maintain than others. Except for this one very special friend I have in my life.

We met in Mr. Visser’s geometry class in ninth grade a Prairie Trail Junior High. We had both come from different schools the year prior, and I don’t quite remember exactly how we became acquainted, but nearly seven years later we are best friends. We survived junior high, all of those (good, bad and ugly) years in high school, and now we are surviving college together.

Aleeza, you are the best friend that I have ever had.

This girl is amazing, seriously, people. She is supa-smart, determined, loving, fun, supportive and just all around amazing. She has supported me so much through the years, she’s seen my way ups and my way downs, we laugh, we vent, talk about food, drool over basketball players athletes…everything I could have ever wanted in a best friend and then some. Aleeza inspires me, challenges me, and accepts me. Can we get this girl ‘Best Friend of Life’ award or something??

Everyone needs an Aleeza in their life.

Question: Have you told your best friend how much they mean to you lately?


One thought on “the Week of Gratitude: day 6

  1. Even though I don’t know Aleeza very well, I love her too. All I need to do that is from years of hearing you talk about her, refer to her, share and depend on her. How difficult and unenjoyable this life would be without our bestest friends! We are so blessed, not only to have met these people, but that we’ve been able to hang onto to them as pillars of our lives.

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