the Week of Gratitude: day 4

Let’s recap on the Week of Gratitude thus far:

day 1: family
day 2: health
day 3: education

Which brings us to day 4. FOOD.

I bet ya couldn’t guess that was coming up!

Let’s just take a moment for some photos:

As you can see (and probably know) I have turned into a foodie. At age 7 my mom planted the seed and taught me how to bake cookies and I’ve been going ever since. Grilling, baking…especially baking…concocting, sauteeing, brewing…I love it all. 

(But things weren’t always like that. There was a point when I ate and ate and ate…ate myself over the edge. I ate Lays chips dipped in ranch for goodness sakes!) I was addicted to food in a very unhealthy way, I ate emotionally, out of boredom, and out of habit. I ate but I didn’t taste. I didn’t know what I know now. Having overcome that addiction to food, I am who I am today and still love food. But in moderation and balance.

 I am grateful that I am able to buy food, cook and create meals that are healthy (and/or delicious) for myself and friends and family…that’s something I don’t think about often and do take for granted. The ability to hop on up to the grocery store any time, day or night and have money in my pocket to purchase food to nourish my body with.

This Thursday as you are celebrating Thanksgiving with whomever you celebrate with, give thanks…eat, drink and be merry!


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