the Week of Gratitude: day 3

All those years spent having a love/hate relationship with school from ages…oh let’s say 6-18…have come and gone. Now in my third year of college (geez…where has time gone?!) I must say I am very grateful for my education.

I am thankfull to have grown up in a community with excellent schools which provided me countless opportunities to see the world outside four institutional walls. Just the opportunity to be in college right now is a blessing that I have easily taken for granted.

I am an aspiring nurse (I say aspiring because this stuff is a lotta work) and can only dream of the day when I graduate and get to do what I realllllly want to do with my life! Regardless, I am enjoying every step of the way and soaking it in; this is an opportunity to enjoy!

Despite 8am math classes, dissecting human remains and becoming an expert procrastinator; school, I am thankful for you.


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